Woman at Sea

eftir Dinara Drukarova

Tegund: Drama
Tungumál: Franska og enska með enskum texta
2022, 84 mín.

Aðalhlutverk: Dinara Drukarova, Sam Louwyck, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson

Lili has left everything behind to travel to the end of the earth to fulfil her dream of fishing in the northern seas. She convinces Ian, a fishing boat skipper, to give her a chance and embarks on the Rebel. She is the only woman in the crew and is nicknamed Sparrow; but behind her fragile appearance is an iron will, and her courage and determination will win everybody’s respect. Adopted and forming part of this world of beings often abused by life, Lili will earn her right to live a different, free life.